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Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

The purpose of this Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector is to reduce asymmetric information regarding the integration of sustainability risks, to consider the adverse effects on sustainability and to promote environmental or social characteristics, as well as sustainable investments, requiring from the financial market participants relevant disclosures to final investors.

Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (PRI) since 2019, has developed an ESG Investment Policy applying a sustainability risk-based investment approach in the management of collective and individual portfolios, aimed at maximizing portfolio returns and more effective risk management.

In the following links you can be informed in detail about the ESG Investment Policy of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC and the categorization of the company's Mutual Funds based on the Regulation.


Statement of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC pursuant to articles 4(1)(b) and (5)(b) of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088

Piraeus Asset Management MFMC (the Company) informs the investors that it has adopted and applies ESG Investment Policy on the integration of sustainability risks1 in its investment decision‐making process and in its investment advice, pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088, which is available at ESG Investment Policy. 

However, the Company declares that: 

a) for the moment it does not consider adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors2, due to the lack of available data related to such factors for all issuers of financial products included in the collective (UCITS) and individual portfolios managed by the Company, as well as in those recommended to its clients with respect to the provision of investment advice and      

b) as soon as the aforementioned data regarding sustainability factors become available, the Company intends to amend its ESG Investment Policy, by adopting a specific procedure in order to consider adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors. 


‘sustainability risk’ means an environmental, social or governance event or condition that, if it occurs, could cause an actual or a potential material negative impact on the value of the investment

2 ‘sustainability factors’ mean environmental, social and employee matters, respect for human rights, anti‐corruption and anti‐bribery matters.