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Investment Process

The Process that aims at Outperformance

Piraeus Asset Management MFMC applies an investment process which is structured, disciplined and risk measurable, while utilizing the findings resulting from the combination of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics Analysis in the best way possible. This process includes:

  • Active Management
  • Strategic Level Decision Making
  • Tactical Level Decision Making
  • Methodology That Utilizes Two Assessment Levels 

Active Management

At the core of the active management investment philosophy lies the search for undervalued assets, whereas the investment process constitutes a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. 

Strategic Level Decision Making

It applies to medium and long-term basis and utilizes the findings of Macroeconomics (top down) and Microeconomics (bottom up) analysis.

Tactical Level Decision Making

Operating on a short and regular basis, its aim is to capitalize on the asset's price deviation from its internal value, or from other items incorporating the same risk level. 

Methodology That Utilizes Two Assessment Levels 
The combination of the two assessment levels, i.e. Macroeconomics (top down) and Microeconomics (bottom up) levels plays the leading role in the investment methodology of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC. These two levels provide a large number of information, which is reviewed, analyzed and classified. The results along with the composition of the Investment Committee proposals determine the strategic allocation of investments, which is designed based on the investor’s interest, in the safest and most efficient for him way, based on each time current circumstances.