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The Structure of Investment Division guarantees its effective operation  

The Investment Division structure at Piraeus Asset Management MFMC is designed to offer integrated and functional services. The procedures and policies set and applied thoroughly by the Company operating within Piraeus Bank Group, as well as the specific characteristics of superior quality and academic training of our executives contribute towards the same goal. 

More specifically, it consists of two management units, one for UCITS Portfolio Management and one Discretionary Portfolio Management, as well as the Analysis unit. 

The Investment Committee, sets out the general investment strategy framework of its activity 

UCITS Portfolio Management 
This includes 
  • Fixed Income Portfolios
  • Equity Portfolios
  • Fund of Funds Portfolios
  • Money Market Portfolios

Discretionary Portfolio Management
This includes 
  • Institutional Portfolios Management
  • Private Portfolios Management


This includes 

  • Developing financial analyses 
  • Drafting reports with the use of reliable and objective sources of information