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Investment Management

Investment philosophy aimed at achieving optimal returns  

The investment philosophy of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC aims at continuously pursuing and achieving the best performance over time, always taking into account the desired risk level. In order to develop the most effective investment strategy, as well as achieve the highest reward, the Piraeus Asset Management MFMC methodology is based on the following main pillars: 

  • Active Management
    which means that the investment strategy is adjusted from time to time according to the broader economic, social and political situation, so that there is always balance between the risk taken and the expected reward
  • Discipline
    which means strict adherence to the framework set up in pursuit of the best performance and better use of funds based on the risk-reward relation, the time horizon and amount of investment
  • Flexibility
    with continuously upgraded and renewed services, a wider range of investment options, guidance by our experienced and expert investment management staff
  • Risk Management
    the essential, vital and integral part of the investment process, which operates permanently and independently to identify promptly and efficiently any potential crises or emergency situations that may derail or pose a risk to an investment