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Morningstar Rating

Morningstar RatingTM 

Mutual Funds under the management of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, have been included in the evaluation system of Morningstar©, one of the biggest independent rating agencies. 

The Morningstar RatingΤΜ is a measure of a mutual fund's risk-adjusted return, relative to other mutual fund's in the Morningstar Category. Ratings are from 1 to 5 stars, with the best performers receiving 5 stars and the worst performers receiving 1 star. Morningstar assigns a one-star rating to 10% of the funds it evaluates, a two-star rating to 22.5% of funds, a three-star rating to 35% of funds, a four-star rating to 22.5% of funds. and a five-star rating to 10% of the top performing funds. 

Morningstar RatingTM  for Piraeus Funds 

The continuous distinctions of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC highlight : 

  • the specialized knowledge, the long experience and the ability of our fund managers,
  • our continuous effort to continuously upgrade and develop the investment choices we offer,
  • our commitment to our investment philosophy, mainly aiming to accomplish optimal returns over time according to the desirable risk level

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