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Share Classes

Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, in the context of the improvement and modernization of the offered investment products to investors, made adjustments regarding the characteristics of the Mutual Funds it manages with the introduction of share classes.

Excluding m/f ‘s

  • Piraeus Institutional Portfolio Domestic Equity Fund (Ι)
  • Supplementary Pension Global Balanced Fund (Ι)

which do not have share classes and their exclusive target group of investors is defined in their regulations, the units of the other Funds are divided into more categories.


Piraeus MFMC Mutual Funds will have the following share classes:

Mutual Fund

Mutual Funds Distribution per share class





Piraeus Domestic Equity Fund

Piraeus ESG Dynamic Companies Greek Equity Fund


Piraeus US Equity Fund

Piraeus Eurozone Equity Fund

Piraeus European Balanced Funds


Piraeus International Balanced Fund


Piraeus Income Balanced Fund

Piraeus Domestic Balanced Fund


Piraeus Hellenic Corporate Bond Fund


Piraeus Global Corporate Bond Fund

Piraeus Global Sovereign Bond Fund

Piraeus Domestic Bond Fund

Piraeus Medium Term Bond Fund


Piraeus Short Term Variable NAV Money Market Fund


Piraeus Bond Fund of Funds


Piraeus International Balanced Fund of Funds


Piraeus Balanced ESG Responsible Investing  Fund of Funds


Piraeus Low Volatility Balanced Fund of Funds    √

Piraeus Equity Fund of Funds


Piraeus Private Banking ESG World Sustainability Balanced Fund

Piraeus Private Banking Megatrends Global Equity Fund     √
Piraeus Private Banking ESG Greek Equity Fund 
Euroxx Hellenic Recovery Balanced Fund  √     √

In Mutual Funds with more than one Share Class, units in the same class are of equal value and confer the same rights to their unitholders.

Share Classes may differ from each other in respect of: (a) the percentage of the entry and exit charge borne by the unit-holders of each class in the acquisition and redemption of units, (b) the percentage of the management fee, custodian fees and the performance fee on the Fund's assets.

Characteristics of the Share Classes of the above mutual funds

  • Share Class R: available to all customers / investors without discrimination
  • Share Class Ρ: available exclusively to investors who acquire a participation in the Fund through the “Private Banking” Distribution Network of Piraeus Bank
  • Share Class Ι: available exclusively to (i) institutional investors with a minimum investment amount of € 500,000.00 and (ii) customers of Piraeus Bank Group to which an investment portfolio management or investment advisory service is provided by a Group company, in the case that the acquisition of the units is carried out in the context of the provision of such services; and
  • Share Class U: is addressed exclusively to Unit Linked insurance products available in Greece under insurance programs issued by NN HELLAS Insurance Company in cooperation with Piraeus Bank SA

It is noted that the units of Piraeus Private Banking Funds [ESG World Sustainability Balanced Fund, ESG Greek Equity Fund & Megatrends Global Equity Fund]

are divided into two unit classes: Class P units and Class I units, with the following characteristics: 

  • Class Ρ units: available i) to investors who acquire Mutual Fund holdings through the “Private Banking” distribution network via Piraeus Bank SA, in its capacity as intermediary for the marketing of Mutual Fund units and ;ii) companies which are either listed on recognized trading venues within the meaning of Article 4 (24) of Directive 2014/65 / EU, or have a turnover in excess of EUR 20.000.000
  • Class Ι units: available i) to institutional Investors ii) to Piraeus Bank Group’s customers of Private Banking, who are being provided with portfolio investment management or investment advice services by a Group company, only if the units were acquired as part of the provision of said services.

Euroxx Hellenic Recovery Balanced Fund are divided into two share classes: Share Class R and Share Class I, with the following characteristics:

  • Share Class R: available to all investors who acquire a holding in the Fund through the distribution network of Euroxx Securities AEPEY, which, under a relevant contract, performs sub-distributor functions in the distribution of Units of the Fund; and
  • Share Class Ι:  available exclusively to (i) institutional investors and (ii) customers who acquire units in the content of investment portfolio management or investment advisory services with investment firms.