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Product offering with Piraeus Bank

An “alliance” for your personal interest 

Piraeus Bank plays a leading role in the evolution of the customer servicing and defense of the clients' interest. In cooperation with Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, you are provided with a range of customized solutions that stand out due to excellence, experience and specialization. Select now the solution that fits you most and reflects your style, character and needs for which you invest.

MEGAS Time Deposit

Stability and Competitive Returns

Piraeus Megas time deposit is a combination of a time deposit in Euro and an investment in mutual funds managed by Piraeus Asset Management MFMC. Piraeus Megas time deposit offers you:

  • High interest rate in your time deposit 
  • Pursuit of competitive returns, by investing part of your portfolio in selected mutual funds
  • Allocate your capital as you wish between time deposits and mutual funds of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC 
  • Freedom to select the term of the time deposit 
  • Freedom to select the type of mutual funds 

Life Goals

Prepare for the future by investing systematically

"Life Goals" is an attractive option for those who wish to build a Mutual Funds portfolio gradually by investing small amounts (e.g. starting from €20/month) in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Gain access to the Greek and International markets without having to commit your capital, while you smooth market fluctuations, as you:
  • buy mutual fund shares at competitive prices
  • optimize the average acquisition price of the shares, thereby increasing the prospect of positive returns.

Life Goals is an investment solution with unique benefits.