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Tailor Made Fund

The investment management option within the institutional framework in Greece and Luxembourg

The individualized mutual fund service of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC provides important features and discretions to private and institutional investors, in terms of composition, operation and investment management. The service can be provided, both within the Hellenic legal framework and within the institutional framework of Luxembourg. The individualized mutual fund offers a number of advantages such as:

  • Participation of the investor when shaping the investment objective and policy
  • Immediate notification and access to information on the structure of the mutual fund investments and the conduct of transactions
  • Ability to choose the mutual fund “Made in Luxembourg” through PiraeusInvest Fund which provides one of the most modern and effective institutional arrangements 
  • Institutional shield of protection of the investor's assets, by the strict supervisory framework for the operation of individualized mutual funds according to European Union Directives