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Τailor Made Portfolios

Flexible and Individualized Portfolio Management according to the investor's needs 

At Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, we can design together your investment portfolio, which will result in the optimal utilization of your assets. Benefit today from the experience of the specialized team of our portfolio managers who –by following the investment objectives and restrictions you have set– will be able, through proven policies, recognized systems and innovative strategies, to achieve the optimal risk adjusted returns. The cooperation steps to create your own tailor made portfolio are:

  • Creation of a framework for cooperation and signing of an agreement, which shall define and delimit the investment framework and all financial instruments which may be used to ensure the agreed investment policy
  • Direct access to the structure, performance and transactions of your portfolio, with the possibility, if you wish, to have your representative present when composing the relevant investment committee 
  • Collaboration, as a Depositary, with the financial institution you will indicate, to the extent it is not incompatible with the best execution policies of the Piraeus Bank Group mandates