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Model Portfolios

Save time and thinking with the Discretionary Portfolio Management

With the Discretionary Portfolio Management, the specialized professional investment team undertakes the desired risk-reward relationship of the assets invested, without requiring your active participation. In this way, you ensure professional management of your portfolio of assets, as well as active management which essentially addresses risks, timely grasping and utilizing the opportunities emerging. In total, you achieve the creation of a barely vulnerable and optimally efficient portfolio. This choice offers you:

  • Disengagement and release from the management of your assets, both in terms of emotions and time 
  • Continuous engagement by certified and qualified executives who shall undertake management and optimal performance possibilities 
  • Minimization of potential false investment decisions, thanks to the professional processes, investment methodology and specialized strategies we follow 
  • Competent and efficient management, within the investment framework set by your profile, needs and goals, the time horizon and risk and performance relationship you desire
  • Optimal implementation of investment strategy by means of a masterly allocation of your portfolio assets in selected and evaluated categories and products 
  • Dynamic management, with regular checks and review of movements, in order to continuously optimize the risk and reward relationship and to ensure that the objectives have been achieved at all times
  • Regular and detailed information, immediate access and analysis of the investment placement, so that you may understand the process, nature, as well as the risks of your investment