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Portfolio Management

Individualized Services for Personalized Management

At Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, we are aware of the importance of the portfolio's composition and the correspondence of its management to the specific and unique identity of each investor. Thanks to our experience, expertise, and continuous upgrading of our services, we offer integrated portfolio management solutions aimed at private and institutional investors and seek the most effective coverage of their individual needs and targets. 

Experience, expertise and evolution in servicing institutional investors

Today, Piraeus Asset Management MFMC is a material choice for Institutional Bodies and Organizations, because it contributes decisively to the effective management of their reserves. Especially, Piraeus Asset Management MFMC offers:
  • The Investment Division, an independent department of specialized executives, dedicated to the investment management of institutional investors’ portfolios
  • The Institutional Mandates and Distribution Division, a specialized team responsible for managing relationships with institutional customers and best servicing their particular needs
  • Immediate response to customer needs from all three pillars of social security, thanks to the profound knowledge of the operational and legal framework governing them 
  • Customized investment strategy of the portfolio according to the needs of the actuarial study and the actuarial deficit or surplus, which is fundamental for the creation of the exercise framework of an investment policy.
Servicing as unique as your investment identity

Piraeus Asset Management MFMC, with a significant number of different portfolios under management of private investors with multifaceted profiles, may effectively and efficiently manage your personal portfolio, providing you with a bundle of solutions, whose types meet in the best way possible your investment profile and needs. You benefit from a partnership which offer you:
  • Portfolio assignment to professional managers with many years of experience and expertise.
  • Time and energy saving, since you no longer need to constantly participate and be involved in management. 
  • Accurate and realistic recording of your investment profile, based on the objectives, the risk and performance relationship, and desired time frame.

Three types of extended management services
With a view to fully and deeply servicing investors, Piraeus Asset Management MFMC offers a wide range of management services that meet the contemporary profile of investors, who wish to have the most advanced and enhanced services in the field of asset management. Specifically: