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Financial Risk Monitor

Individualized Risk Management Services that shield the investor 

The permanent and independent Risk Management Division of Piraeus Asset Management MFMC offers to private and institutional investors individualized risk treatment services. The high level of the Financial Risk Monitor is enshrined by a number of unique elements that may be offered by the company, such as:

  • The vast experience of the company's executives 
  • The company's long years of service in accordance with the applicable legislation 
  • The range of UCITS managed by the company 
  • The complexity of financial instruments 
  • The advanced financial risk management system 
Choosing to follow a holistic approach, which differs considerably from the simple collection of statistical indicators and evaluations, the Risk Management Division establishes and implements policies, procedures and regulations that together bring benefits to the assets invested. In detail, the procedures involve: 
  • Management of investment risks on behalf of the UCITS
  • Management of risks that appear when managing individual portfolios of customers (both institutional and private)
  • Configuration of acceptable levels of risks when managing UCITS portfolios and when providing portfolio management investment services and investment advice